Come join us to learn this popular, Latin partner dance! We learn to dance with our hearts, hips, feet & hands to lively upbeat music. Classes will offer basic dance technique, footwork practice and partnerwork patterns to take you out on the social dance floor. No partner necessary. Check out the Ladies’ Styling Classes for training in graceful, sensual expression to accent your dancing.

Chelsea Rose has been teaching & performing in California & New York since 2005. She offers many levels of dance training including salsa partner work, ladies’ styling, spinning technique, footwork and shines, lead and follow technique, and performance presentation. She loves helping people get in touch with their own dance expression and bringing them together in community with each other through dance & rhythm. Contact Chelsea at or visit


Beginner salsa classes start the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Weekly classes & monthly workshops. See website for ongoing classes.

Call or email for details.